Achieving the SDGs in Nigeria: Pathways and Policy Options

The publication of this Nigeria's Integrated Sustainable Development Goals (iSDG) Model Report, represents a watershed moment in the development path of our country. The report serves two important purposes. First, it heralds the official announcement of the successful domestication of the integrated Sustainable Development Goals (iSDGs) model specifically for Nigeria. The iSDG-Nigeria model is a policy simulation tool for use in aligning our national development strategies and programmes with the SDGs. The core objective of this is to enhance the achievement of the 17 SDGs, by 2030. Second, the publication marks the first practical step towards application of the model for evidence-based policy formulation and planning in Nigeria. By domesticating the model, we have developed a robust analytical tool that will lead to a shift from the hitherto pigeon-hole approaches to planning and replace them with one that has requisite technical soundness, analytical robustness and flexibility to different contexts for appraising the possible outcomes of various policy choices over time.

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Office of the Senior Special Advisor to the President on Sustainable Development Goals